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Common Questions


1.- Where is the Hammocks Community Association office located?
9020 Hammocks Blvd. Miami, Fl. 33196

2.- Who are the contacts for the different departments in The Hammocks Community Association?


  • Emmy Koshar - CAM - Property Manager for Neighborhoods
  • Peter Ballester - Controller - Accounting Department
  • Maintenance Department - Please contact the Main Office at 305-382-3999
  • Joann Montes - Property Services Department
  • Public Safety Manger - Marlo Urrueta
  • Member Services Department
  • For General Questions

3.- What does the Association do for me?
The Hammocks Community Association provides the administrative and maintenance for all the Master common areas and facilities that are for common use by all Hammocks residents. The facilities include a main clubhouse, gazebos and swimming pools,tennis, racquetball and basketball courts,  the pathways, beaches and landscaping around the lakes, the lake itself and the landscaping along the streets that run through our association. If you have a Local Association any issues that you have inside your community should be directed to them. 

4.- Can I view my Hammocks account online?

Yes, you can view your Hammocks account online via the private side of this website. If you do not have a username and password, click on eforms and request a login.


1.- When are the Association Fees due?
Payments are due on the first day of each quarter; however you will not be charged the $20.00 late fill until the 16th day of the month. If you do not receive your quarterly statement, please contact the association at 305-382-3999, to ensure that we have the correct mailing address on file. All Owners should become familiar with the Associations Collection Policy.  Click on the link to the left of the screen.

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st
  • October 1st

2.- How much must I pay?
- It depends on which community you live in, please call the Association office at (305) 382-3999 for information.

3.-Why do I pay more than one association fee?
If you live in a community with an Local Association, you must also pay the Local Association for your community. The Local associations are:

  • Adagio
  • Banyan tree
  • Biscayne Beach Club
  • Blossoms
  • Chateaubleau
  • Coral Club
  • Hammocks Trail
  • Heron
  • Jasmine
  • La Maison
  • Lakeview
  • Lakewood Estates
  • Mahogany Key
  • Palm point
  • Park Place
  • Park Villas
  • The Atriums
  • Villas at the Hammocks
  • Vista Lago
  • Vizcaya

4.- How and where can I pay the Association Fees ?
- Your assessment payments should be mailed to the Community Association Bank lock-box
PO BOX 66093, Phoenix, AZ 85082. A statement will be mailed to you with an envelope for payment of your fees. Fees are due January 1, April 1 , July 1 and October 1 each year.
We encourage you not to bring your payment directly to the Association office, as this will delay posting of your payment. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS AT THE OFFICE.

5.- What can I do if I do if I don't receive the statements?
You would have to call the Association to verify that we have the correct mailing address.Owners have the obligation to pay the assessment fee whether a statement is received or not. PH: 305-382-3999

Remember that you have 15 days to make your assessment payment. On the 16th day a late fee of $20.00 is posted to your account and a late notice is sent. All homeowners should become familiar with the Associations Collection Policy.  Failure to pay your assessments on time may result in your account being sent to legal for collections.  All fees and cost related to a collection account are the responsibility of the Owner.


1.- Since I own my home, may I make exterior alterations, like adding windows shutters, etc, or paint the exterior a color of my choosing?
No, simply because Association documents require any architectural modification or addition, as well as paint colors to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and under no circumstances should be undertaken without prior approval. This is strictly enforced to preserve the uniformity of the community.

If you live in an neighborhood that also has a Local Association, you must first acquire written approval from them.  The member shall then take the application to the Hammocks Master Association Architectural Committee for written approval.

2.- Where can I get The Architectural Manual of the Association?
For information on criteria's for your Neighborhood, please contact the Architectural Department at 305-382-3999 or go to the documents section of the website and download a copy of the Architectural Manual for free.  

3.- Where can I get the application forms to ask for approval from the Architectural Control Committee?
Forms can be requested at the Main Clubhouse. 


1.- How many miles are there around the lakes?
- The pathway around Water Oak Lake, Live Oak Lake, Wild Lime Lake, Mimosa Lake has approximately 10 miles.
- The pathway around Little Oak Lake has approximately 4/10 of a mile.
- The pathway around Black Creek Lake has approximately 6/10 of a mile.

2.- Can I walk at any time around the lakes?
Lake usage hours are sunrise to sunset.  Anyone on the lake after these hours is subject to questioning and removal by Hammocks Public Safety. Furthermore, all residents while on Common area, must have a valid Hammocks ID with them or they may be subject to removal by Public Safety.

3.- Can I use my boat on the lakes?
No, gasoline operated boat or other vessel of any type, including model boats, but excluding vessels with electrical motors, shall be operated, kept or placed on any bodies of water within the development unless authorized by the Association.

4.- Can I swim or fish in the lakes?
Swimming is not allowed beyond the buoyed areas. NO diving, jumping, or fishing is allowed from the bridges over the waterways.


1.- What are the fees to rent the facilities?
Fees vary depending on location. Visit the 'Facilities' section on this website. For further information and available dates and times, please call the Main Office at 305-382-3999.

2.- What time do you open the facilities?
Times vary depending on location. Please 
call the Main Office at 305-382-3999 for times.


1.- Where does the Association have storage space?
We have two locations:
- Water Oaks (on Hammocks Blvd. across from Water Oaks Center)
- Black Creek (on 157th Ave. next to Black Creek Center)

2.- How I get storage space for my boat or commercial vehicle?
You need to call to the Association office (305.382.3999) for information about available space.
The following items are required in order to rent a space, No Exceptions.

  • Pro-rate: $1.97 a day
  • Quarterly fees: $180.00 ( Jan 1st, Apr 1st, Jul 1st, Oct 1st)
  • Key Deposit: $150.00 ( Refundable when key is returned)
  • Items required: 2 pictures, front and side view of boat/vehicle
    Current copy of registration of boat/vehicle
    Current copy of insurance of boat/vehicle
    If renting, we need a lease agreement (Current)
    Two (2) checks:
    -One for $ 150.00 for key ( will be deposited)
    - Pro-rated amount of rental fee. (If within one month of quarterly billing the next quarter due with the pay pro-rated month.)


1.- If I want to buy a house at The Hammocks, what do I have to do for Association approval?
You do not need a written approval, by virtue of your real estate purchase at The Hammocks, you are a member of the Hammocks Community Association. You have the rights of voting, facility usage, and easement, your mandatory obligations of payment of maintenance fees and conformance to the provisions of the governing documents.

However, if you are purchasing a home that has an inner managed association, you must contact that association as well to determine eligibiltiy and maintenance fee costs.

2.- What do I have to do before I buy a house at The Hammocks?
Prior to your closing, your title company should have requested an 'estoppel letter'. An estoppel letter is verification of any fees, due or unpaid, that the seller has as an obligation to the Hammocks Community Association. Upon receipt of the title company's request (and payment for the estoppel) The Hammocks Community Associations ACC/VCC Dept. inspects the property for violations or concerns that need to be addressed and the accounting department issues a ledger which states if there are any outstanding fees.

You may or may not have hired a Home Inspection Company for your termite inspection and interior inspection report. An exterior inspection is completed by The Hammocks Community Association or the purpose of architectural control, needed exterior maintenance and any concerns regarding the exterior. Items may be noted so they can be addressed at your closing as well as the payment of any accounts receivable, on your estoppel letter.

The seller should provide many things at your closing.
Bellow is a Checklist for you to bring to your closing or find out about before your closing:

  • Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions booklet
  • Architectural Control Manual (latest printed version)
  • Rules and Regulations Booklet (latest printed version)
  • The estoppel letter and copy of inspection report
  • Keys to the home including all locks on doors
  • Mailbox Key (if applicable)
  • If cluster box, information on which box belongs to the home
  • If applicable, gate card and/or remote
  • Any other documents or history on the home including ACC approvals from prior years

3.- After the closing, what do I need to do?
You need to come to the Association office with your Warranty Deed or Settlement Statement in order to register with the Association and then get your ID card to use the facilities. ID cards are $5.00 and expire each year on the anniversary date. 

4.- Can I post 'For Sale' signs throughout the community if I want to sell my home?

A homeowner is only allowed to place 'For Sale' or 'For Rent' signs on their property. No signage can be larger than '12 x 12'. Placing signs throughout the community is not allowed. Any signs that are placed throughout the community will be picked up by a Hammocks Employee and is subject to being thrown in the dumpster.


1. - What kind of committees does the Association have?
The Hammocks has several committees in which homeowners are encouraged to participate in. Below is a current list of committees. To join a committee, please go to the 'Documents' section of this website to download an application. All applications must be forwarded to the Main Clubhouse.

Architectural Committee, Neighborhood Advisory Committee, Finance Committee, Violations Committee, ACC Committee, Public Safety Committee, Environmental Committee and Tech Committee.


1.- Why is maintaining my landscape important?
Because the real estate value of Hammocks will depend on the ongoing care and the Landscape is an important part of that.

2.- Who is responsible for tree trimming?
Hammocks Community Association is responsible for the trees in all the common areas used by all Hammocks residents (outside the Communities).
- If the tree is in the common areas of your community, it is a responsibility of your Inner Association, if your community doesn't have inner association (Neighborhoods); the trim is a responsibility of the Hammocks community Association.
-If the tree is on your property, you have the responsibility for the tree trimming.


1.- How to get help from Security?
You can call them at (305) 382-8232 anytime, 24 hours a day,seven days a week.

2.- If I have a noise complaint, can I call security?
Yes, Security can be called for noise complaints, if you see someone lurking around the neighborhood and even if you have a parking issue.

3.- Do you have the address and telephone of the police station?
The Hammocks District Police Station is at 10000 SW 142 AVE.Phone: (305) 595-6263


1.- How do I know that I have a violation?
When you have a violation you will receive a 1st Notice Letter, this letter has the type of violation and the time you have to fix it. If you do nothing, a 2nd Notice will be sent with the meeting date of the Violation Control Committee (VCC) and the fine that will be imposed in that day (meeting date) if you do not comply. Fines shall be paid no later than fifteen (15) days after notice to the applicable Owner of the imposition or assessment thereof. If you want to check if your home has a violation, login to the private side of the website. There you can view your account on-line.

2.- Do I need permission to do any exterior modifications?
YES, all exterior modification done to your home must  be approved by the ACC Committee prior to any work being done.  To request a modification you must fill out an ACC application; this is then presented to ACC committee members for review on posted meeting dates (once per month). Your application must be received one week prior to the meeting for consideration.

3.- Where can I get paint samples for my community?
At the Main Office.

4.- There is not sufficient space to park my vehicle on my property. Where Do I park?
You must try to accommodate your vehicle to fit on your driveway or in your garage. Parking on the street or on Common Areas such as swales or greenbelts is not allowed. You may submit an Architectural change application to widen your driveway. (subject to criteria requirements) ANY VEHICLE FOUND TO BE PARKED ON COMMON AREAS, INCLUDING ROADWAYS, IS SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TOW. 

5.- Where can I request an estoppel letter?
Your title company or attorney should be advised to send an email to

6.- Where can I get my Site Survey?
You can request your survey at this address: 111 NW 1st St. Telephone 305-375-2475 . Or contact a surveyor.

7.- Where can I throw my debris, home appliances etc.?
You must call Miami Dade County Waste Management for pickup at 305-594-1500. You will receive a confirmation number and pickup dates, once you have that information please notify the association.

1. I don't have enough parking spaces on my driveway to accommodate for all of my vehicles.  Can I park on the street or on my grass?

No, Parking is strictly enforced.  No parking is allowed on Common Areas, including Roadways, unless it is dedicated as guest parking. Violators will be towed at the Owners expense.    No parking is allowed on grass of Owner Lots.  Violators will be issued a parking violation. 

Owners who need more space to park their vehicles, should submit an ACC application to the ACC Committee to request an extention of their driveway.  All modifications to the Lot require written ACC approval.

**You should always review the Hammocks Declaration of Covenants or Rules and Regulations and Architectural Control Manual for more information**  

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